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This is where all of our hard work pays off.  When computers that have been refurbished are set up on the table in our receiving room.  They are ready to go to their new homes! Upon arrival recipients are asked to choose one.. The walls are line with refurbished computers and thank you's from students we have helped!

If students have a problem with their PC or laptop, these guys are here to help.  The have work on over 800 computers in two years of operations. Personal computers are repaired for $20.

Basicly a Laptop repair room for the most part, when a donated laptops come in they go here to be refurbished. Refurbished laptops are saved for students who can not use a desktop, for example they are in the hospital or handicapped.

Our assembly room is our main output of this computer program. The majority of the computers are refurbished in this room. The most computer refurbished in a 5 hour period 54!

This is where we store extra donated computer parts mostly Keyboards, Mice and Cables that we do not have room for in the working rooms.

Large Storage Room/ Scrapping Area

This area can store over 1000s of computers and monitors and provides and area for recycling computers we can not use. All unsable computers and parts are recycled or donated to Goodwill. Over 51,000 LBS of computers were recycled, this made over $10,500 for the program. Components and peripherials that can not be recycled are given to Goodwill. They receive $.16 a lb for it from the Dell Reconnect program. They ensure it will not go in a landfill or overseas.