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Rollover each picture to view a description of each crew members role at the TCC Computer Club.

TCC Computer Club Logo Andrew Spence - Intern majoring in an IT Degree, Hobbies include building computers and repairing cars (Right) Travis Ward - Staff and Computer Club President (Right) Tra'Quan White - Work Study in the Personal Repair Room, Majoring in Computer Engineering, Bob Ross enthusiast (Left) Kate Armistead - Staff, Majoring Computer Administration, and head of Personal Computer Repair (Left) Nelson Gomez II - Work Study en route to a Network Administration Degree, Hobbies include onsite repair work Jennifer Metz - Intern Majoring in Engineering Julie Theibert - Work Study Student, Majoring in Nursing Professor Noah - Professor, Advisor to the TCC Computer Club and Program Coordinator to the Computers for Students Success Program